Minor Procedure Clinic

Minor Procedure Clinic Houston

Dr. Cumber is here for you to get prime quality general medical facilities with specialized, prompt and comprehensive approach. We understand and comprehend your busy routine life which is full of anxiety. We are in a constant effort to provide you with the quick, panic free and convenient health care services that you inevitably need.

We have come out with a decisive and practical solution of building a Minor Procedure Clinic in Houston. For any age group, we can do minor procedures. We are dedicated to provide you with the finest health care facilities. Now you don’t need to go to a far off medical center for minor procedures because you can get this facility with sheer brilliance near you. We give great care and professional services about all minor surgical procedures. Our minor procedures are guaranteed to be very effective and time-oriented. All the procedures are done in an environment which is germs free, serene and equipped with adequate medical facilities. What else do you want?

Our well equipped treatment room can treat:

  • Treatment of minor injuries like minor accidents, falls, work related injuries.
  • Surgical excision of skin lesions
  • Joint injections, e.g. for shoulder and knee conditions
  • Plaster cast treatment for fractures and sprains
  • Removal of Skin tags
  • Surgical repair of skin lacerations
  • Suturing of minor cuts
  • Dressing of wounds
  • Treatment of broken bones
  • Treatment and surgical removal of warts

Our sterilized equipments and quality cleanliness approach help us to ensure the finest health care services. We control infections by taking all the required measurements. The apparatus we use is vigilantly sterilized and made hygienic to provide safe and infection free treatment, according to the Australian standards and regulations.

We try to comply with our motto of ‘healthy society for healthy people’ by arranging the appointment on same day treatment’s urgency. Now getting injured or having minor procedure problems is no more an issue, because we are here to resolve them. Stop panicking and contact us. Now getting a healthy life is just a matter of your choice; we are that choice. Choose us to make the difference!