Pap Smears Test Houston

Dr. Cumber has a professional team of lab technicians and examiners to perform your tests in an enclosed skilled supervision. For us, cervical cancer is curable if detected at an earlier stage. Lives can be saved by the periodic tests of pap smears. Our proficient band of gynecologists will examine your results closely. Depending on the results, they will cordially suggest you relevant precautions and guide you through a further procedure.

We offer a routine screening test for women to keep them safe and healthy. Moreover, our treatment will help them for the early detection of a noxious disease like cervical cancer. This is the second most common kind of cancer detected in women. This is a Sexually Transmitted Infection, namely due to human papillomavirus (HPV). All the necessary and required facility to perform the test meeting is readily available under our roof. Our team of experts provides the best quality and authentic Pap smears test in Houston.

Today, the chances to develop a full-blown cervical cancer in women are about one in 1,000. Due to the awareness, many women are following the early detection procedure of this disease. Furthermore, our treatment will help in reducing the chances of cervical cancer before the mature stage. At a later stage, it becomes difficult to treat and often incurable. For the early detection of cancer, it is highly recommended to get a steady and routine Pap smear tests in Houston. Come right to us and get a fully reliable Pap smear test for your health and safety.

A Pap smear test performed at our clinic will be quick and not painful. This will be a screening test that will help to detect the cancer of cervix. It also aids in the detection of infections or any abnormal cervical cells that may possess the chance of being cancerous. This is a simple process that helps in scraping cells from the walls of the cervix. These scraped cells are then tested in our fully functional and updated labs by our competent lab research staff.

According to many researched guidelines, it is advised for women ranging from 21 to 65 to go under a Pap smear test every three years. The risk of developing cervical cancer may increase due to a number of reasons. Those who were sexually active before their 16 or had a sexually transmitted disease in their teens are more prone to develop this cervical cancer. Having a number of sexual partners and possessing HIV are also the points to consider. These indications increase an individual’s risk to bear cervical cancer more than others.

We offer a number of specific vaccines to protect you from procuring this disease. If you have queries about cervical cancer, its risks, and prevention, then feel free to contact us. We will guide you, how often you need a pap test because our competent staff has all the suitable answers and responses to your queries.