Salazi Medical Clinic

With the goal to provide excellence and best medical facilities throughout the Houston, Salazi Medical Clinic is providing all the modern medical care in a comfortable setting. We aim to provide induced and immediate medical attention to every patient on arrival. Positioned in a convenient location, near the intersection of Wirt Rd and Long Point Rd, our medical staff is here to serve you better and foremost.

Salazi Medical Center is a fast paced work environment. Every staff member uses every bit of skills and knowledge in their medical field to serve you better. The proficient medical team is contended to provide services with full devotion, comprehension and compassion. We believe a health care provider that will be readily available to the patients in need. That’s why we provide extended hours of care to urgent and minor medical treatment.

From occupational medicine to physical therapy all the health care services are given under the supervision of our medical consultants with full expertise. The personalized attention and quality given to every patient help them feel better.

Our medical facility is fully equipped with updated instruments and provides the best services. A comprehensive list of aids offered under our roof. This includes a number of treatments such as geriatrics and pediatrics. We aim to provide complete family practice including Gynecology, urology, orthopedics and weight loss. All these treatments are managed with the maximum expertise. The skilled and caring staff caters to strive for your comfort and safety.

All the patients are attended in lesser time with no long waiting. In addition to this, the minor emergency patients are well accommodated with no delays. It is foremost priority for us to accommodate every single patient, who comes to aid at our disposal.